So many job applicants, so little time…

So many job applicants, so little time…

Yes, there’s been a global recession. Yes, times for many businesses have been and are still hard. However for those lucky or clever enough to have sailed through these troubled times of our economy, life goes on, business goes from strength to strength, which means more people will be needed going forwards.

One double edged sword for those recruiting and bucking the trend is the surge in applicants fighting over their jobs. Before an employer could have expected for example 50 applications before the recession per advertised role, 10 of which stood head and shoulders above the rest. Those same employers  are now faced with over 200 to process, perhaps 50 of these being of a perfectly adequate standard for the job. How else can you make your shortlist?

What about checking all their claims are true? Time consuming? Safe Screening cloud software can help, automating lots of pre-employment checks. The cloud software gives you a portal on the web which means you can set which questions to ask referees and fully brand the site to your business. By entering some simple contact information, emails containing secure links for respondents are generated and sent. So you can check your job applications swiftly in just a few clicks. The site collects the information for your due diligence and audit trails. For anything that can’t be checked automatically against various leading database sources or via referees, the system will alert you. You can then either manually check this, or ask the Safe Screening team to investigate. If you wanted to, you could even outsource the whole process to the Safe Screening team. Call 0844 583 2134 to find out more.

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