Leicester, the home of the best pre-employment screening software, raided


Leicester, the home of the best pre-employment screening software, raided

In a surprise twist, Leicester, the home of the best cloud based pre-employment screening software, was recently raided by the UK Border agency seeking to find illegal workers.

Officers from both the UK border agency and from HMRC revenue and customs visited, unannounced, a textile business; whereupon six workers tried to flee the scene via a backdoor, but were apprehended. In total 45 employees were checked and 15 were found to be working illegally, either having overstayed their visas or due to being failed asylum seeker applicants.

Ironically, Leicester is the home of the head office of Safe, the parent company to Safe Screening, the most cost effective background checking software on the market. Robert Drake, Director for Safe Screening commented ‘businesses still seem to fail to realise that they can be fined up to £10,000 per illegal worker, it’s astounding how many still fail to conduct adequate checks on workers’. Indeed the textile factory which was raided could now be fined up to £150,000 for the illegal workers found.

With the easy to use web portals of the Safe Screening platform and the pay as you go model, this textile company could have quickly and simply conducted their pre-employment checks and/or vet their existing employees; automatically checked the validity of every passport and working visa, confirm the identity of the individual and recording a complete audit trail of everything. A short walk up the road to Safe could have saved that textile company a whole lot of trouble and money.

If you think your business could benefit and want to find out more, contact Safe on 0844 583 2134, email info@safescreening.co.uk, or visit www.safescreening.co.uk and use the ‘enquire online’ link.

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