2011 is a tough legislative year for recruiters

2011 is a tough legislative year for recruiters

Hello bloggers, Renata Jones here, lead generation manager for Safe Computing.  I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, and in this most recent instalment I explore why I believe this year seems to be a tough one for recruitment agencies. It is only February and 2011 is shaping up to be a year of moderate discontent, especially for recruitment companies, perhaps their toughest yet.

Well publicised in the world media is the period of austerity we are all experiencing to some degree following the impact of a global recession. Essentially a fancy way of saying we are all watching the pennies and tightening our proverbial belts. The recruitment industry has long experienced increasing regulation as a minority of less ethical companies gave the industry as a whole a bad name. Increases in regulations to travel and subsistence schemes and from the new agency workers regulation that come into effect from October, make 2011 no exception to this rule.

Navigating these macro economic factors and remaining a profitable recruitment business can be an arduous task with limited in-house experience, so why not let some recruitment agency specific software take some of the pressure off your organisation? Recruiting software can for instance manage applications, parsing CV information received automatically from web based portals, also known as cloud computing, for candidates to basically do information inputting for you, without a tedious form for them. Recruitment management software can help your business manage multiple employments of your employees within the same timeframe. Pay and bill software can help you process timesheets, pay accordingly, and manage correctly your national insurance (NI) payments. So what are all these miraculous software tools called? Well actually they all have one name, Safe Tempest. From one basic system specifically engineered for the recruitment agency market, Safe Tempest can be customised with modular optional extras to archive all of the above recruitment management functions of your business, letting you do what you do best, focus on the people. Cut down your administration and interview more candidates, and meet with your customers more, building your relationships and your business. Safe Tempest recruitment software is used by most of the top 50 recruiters in the UK and Ireland, and will scale to the size of your business as it grows. There is even a range of optional extras which can enhance this software, and Safe can create custom built bespoke additional modules on request. Safe also offer software for smaller users numbers and businesses.

To find out more speak to your account manager, or visit www.safe-tempestsuite,co.uk and click on the ‘enquire online’ link. If there is a topic you’d like me to explore in a future blog post, please contact me using info@safecomputing.co.uk.

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