Verify before employing!

One of the most looked at areas of a candidates CV is their previous work experience. This is a key element for an employer, as it is heavily relied upon when it comes to making that almighty decision of whether or not they want to employ an individual. Previous work experience can give an employer insight into the candidate’s skills and areas of expertise, allowing the employer to make an informed decision. However this is also one of the areas on a CV which is hugely falsified. A lot of individuals tend to stretch the truth when it comes to aspects such as job titles held, salary and qualifications. Although these may appear to be small white lies, this is considered to be fraud by false representation which can lead to imprisonment, anything up to 10years.

Another area which is often attempted to be covered up is gaps in employment and educational history. Candidates will amend the start and end dates of jobs to make it appear they were in that particular place of work longer than they actually were.

Carrying out background screening checks can provide you with valuable information about a potential employees work habits. It will also help identify any areas where a candidate has given misleading information and would allow you as an employer to make a fact based decision.


What do we offer?

Here at Safe Screening we provide you with a screening solution which will allow you to carry out various checks to ensure that what candidates are saying on their CV’s is in fact the truth. You can design your workflow (background check) to include the specific questions you would like a previous employee to answer. These could include questions such as term of employment, titles held, job duties, salary and even the reason for termination. A candidate would have to give their permission in order for this information to be obtained, which is also part of the vetting process. Candidates do have the right to deny permission to contact a previous employer however they can still be asked to prove employment via other means such as payslips.

As the economy is quickly gaining steam, employers are finding a much more competitive job market. By carrying out employment verifications, they can safeguard the foundation of their employee base.

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