Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!

A 49 year old nurse who killed two of his patients and poisoned a further 19 has been sentenced to a 35 year custodial sentence. Victorino Chua injected insulin into saline solutions before putting them back into storage. This left his colleagues, who were none the wiser of his deceit, to administer this poison. Chua also meddled with patient charts and increased dosages of their medication.

Two years after Chua started working at Stepping Hill Hospital, patients mysteriously started to suffer from unusual attacks. Two patients died as a result of this cruelty as the insulin overdose deprived their brains of oxygen. Another patient managed to survive however he is likely to suffer from ongoing brain damage.

There are now questions around how qualified Chua actually was before he came over to the UK in 2002. Chua received his training from Galang Medical Centre which was forced to close in 2000 and had been referred to as the worst nursing school in the Philippines.  Galang Medical Centre carried a bad reputation and apparently it was common practice for students who did not complete their training to buy their certificates.

Detectives went out to the Philippines and looked further into Chua’s original certification. This was obtained from Philippines Board of Nursing. On receiving the documents it was identified that the photo attached with them looks as though it is of someone else, implying that Chua may have not been the one to sit that final exam.

Back in 2003, when Chua registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), he was required to provide copies of several documents which included his passport, employment history and proof of his nursing accreditation. At that time he satisfied the vetting process and there was no reason to question the documents provided.

Since then the rules have changed and now foreign nurses must carry out an online test, and only if they are successful in this test are they able to make a visa application to carry out work in the UK. All original documents must be seen and are examined and copies will no longer be considered.

Safe Screening is a leading provider in international checks and is able to screen in 197 countries. We will provide you with the relevant documentation which will be in line with the countries legislative needs. All checks will be date and time stamped and a full audit trail will be available. Having a robust screening process in place will ensure that the likeliness of such atrocious incidents occurring again will be kept to a minimum. We have a specialised team in place that has both the knowledge and training to assist you with such checks e.g. Referencing, GMC, NMC and HCPC plus monthly PIN checks, making sure that all aspects of your vetting propose is carried out to the highest standard.


To find out more, visit www.safescreening.co.uk, email info@safecomputing.co.uk or call 0844 583 2134. 




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