Mistreatment in care homes prompts CQC calls for CCTV

Mistreatment in care homes prompts CQC calls for CCTV 


In the wake of a documentary which shocked millions of viewers with undercover filming of mistreatment in care homes, many began debating the safety of vulnerable adults. In response to this, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) reportedly discussed the idea of CCTV in residents’ rooms in the latter part of 2013. A very large chain of nursing homes is now rumoured to be on the verge of making this a reality, to help ease fears of relatives of those in care. There are still grey areas and debateable points over the logistics of this, with CQC recommending that intimate care procedures should not be filmed. Although any suggestions to assist better standards of care are welcomed, the CQC debate the issues surrounding privacy versus safety. These considerations provoke a number of ethical and practical objections, with specific concerns about intimate care. 


This is just one of the latest waves of recommendations the CQC has been making to care industry providers, who need to stay ahead of the curve if they are to retain current and gain future private business. That being said, eighty percent of relatives surveyed were in favour of the proposed CCTV scheme. This startlingly high figure infers that the clients’ relatives have significant mistrust of the staff, the integrity of the care organisation and furthermore, are not satisfied with the care their loved ones are receiving. 


One way health and social care recruiters can ensure they are taking all steps possible to ensure a satisfactory workforce and compliance, is to conduct background checks on candidates before they are hired. A fully automated software solution such as Safe Screening can help with this. This cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere, from any device able to connect to the internet. In this, healthcare providers can facilitate standardised pre-employment screening processes and users within the organisation are unified, all at banking level security. Furthermore, each entry, request and correspondence is time and date stamped; a fully demonstrable audit trail in line with CQC regulations. 


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