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Credit control

Proactive credit and query management

In many businesses, ability to manage its cash flow is crucial to success.  Control and management of the debtors is often a ‘painful’ task as a result of manual and repetitive processes. The recently reported ‘credit crunch’ and related recession only adds to the headaches of a credit control team. The introduction of effective tools to improve the collections process is arguably more important today than at any time in recent history.

Designed to manage your customer credit accounts effectively, Safe credit control enables your credit management team to:

  • improve cash flow
  • reduce debtor days
  • increase customer service
  • cut the cost of cash collection
  • eliminate manual processes
  • speed up the query resolution process

Our unique approach is centred on changing the perception of the credit control function, from a series of reactive processes to proactive ones. Credit controllers are traditionally regarded as an essential element in business, to chase late payments and respond to customer queries. Safe credit control has taken the concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) and applied it to the credit control function, enabling a softer, service orientated team of customer service representatives.

Our solution manages the entire credit lifecycle from credit checking, through the cash collection process and beyond, to detailed analysis of performance. All the data and tools to achieve the objective of creating a profit centre culture within the credit control function, are accessible from a single, intuitive and user friendly application.

Throughout the entire credit process, every event or process is tracked through the credit controllers' workflow, with in-built escalation procedures and excellent supporting management reporting. The workflow process may be extended throughout your business and even directly with your customers via our web portal.

The chase process may be defined for groups of customers, based on definable rules against risk categories.  Proactive, system generated events include;

  • new customer
  • credit alert
  • approaching credit limit
  • invoice overdue
  • chase letter sent
  • risk review due
  • customer on stop
  • first invoice
  • invoice query
  • exceeded credit limit
  • promised payment
  • statement sent
  • credit limit change
  • aged balances exceeded

Other innovative features include late payment interest charges and analysis and rapid, flexible remittance management (cash allocation). We also offer welcome and chase letters, statements, promised payments and integration with third party credit rating products such as N2 Check and Credit Assist).  Each event may also produce customisable email alerts to users and customers.

For further information, please download our literature using the download links to the right of each page.  You can also use the enquire online facility at the top of each page to contact us and arrange a demonstration.  Let us show you how the solution could make a significant impact on your business.

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